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                             CREATING  PARADISE

                                                   by  Kyle Buchholz




Are you asking yourself, “How do I create paradise?” In fact,  the travel magazine Conde Nast, has just completed a poll asking their readers to name the best island on the globe.  And, by a narrow margin, named Maui as the best island in the world!


To create your own private and perfect ‘paradise’ in your back yard is what I’m talking about.  If you’re a do-it-yourself type person, all you need is imagination and some money. Or, if you lack imagination, hiring a professional will be the best way for you to go. 


For do-it-yourselfers, you must strive to create a sense of harmony with your natural environment.  A balance soothing all 5 senses will complete the frame of the picture in your mind.  You must think horizontal and vertical.  Large expanses of grass need to be accented with contrasting plants, rock gardens, water features such as streams, waterfalls, and fountains and different textured plants.  Swimming pools are a focal point of landscaping and their design from color and materials used will create a centerpiece to base the rest of your balanced landscaping upon.  Swimming pools also offer an added advantage of being able to play in your “landscaping.”


After you have created a matrix as the frame of your picture, then color needs to be added by looking at plants and flowers that are grown in your neighborhood to see what grows the best.  Consideration of water demands are significant as well as direct sun light versus

shaded areas.  Landscaping magazines and design magazines will be helpful for the do-it-yourselfer.


If possible, always try to have a plan of what you have as a vision in your head.  In this way, you will be able to arrive at a close cost estimate based upon volume or square footages for relevant materials.  The ‘paradise’ you will create will give you a sense of gratification and fulfillment that only comes with making your dream a reality by doing it yourself!
































CareFree Pools Of Hawaii.....


 The most extreme pool ever!


CareFree Pools of Hawaii offers 50 designs, in various sizes and shapes to suit your individual needs, and more exclusive options than any other fiberglass pool in the market, giving you virtually unlimited design possibilities. Why settle for yesterday's technology....When you can have tomorrow's. CareFree Pools Of Hawaii is installing fiberglass pools in 2-3 weeks which compares with 6-12 months for concrete pools. CareFree Pools has an in-house crew to ensure quicker installation.

Jim Whitcomb, owner of Haleakala Plumbing for 28 years and swimming pool veteran and co-owner Barry Hodgson, with 35 years experience building swimming pools, have formed CareFree Pools Of Hawaii to meet the growing swimming pool market in Hawaii.


CareFree Pools Of Hawaii are chosen over conventional concrete pools because they are stronger, have a faster installation time, better quality control, and operation and maintenance costs are less. Fiberglass pools are impervious to algae; need no acid washing, painting or re-plastering and no liner replacement.



For free estimates call Barry at (808) 870-0798




     By Tina Ili



As the New Year starts, contractors are anticipating the deluge of business that is ready to start. Prospective customers, those who have either waited longer to do a re-model or just starting a new project are eager to get started. Because of New Year’s resolutions or by necessity, people want to start kitchens, bathrooms, or a complete make-over.


A spokesman for AGC (American General Contractors) recently said that many people are excited about getting a project completed without first taking the time to plan. The problem arises about which contractor you hire.


  • Careful consideration should be taken in selecting someone to change the world in which you live. One way to start is to check out references and reputations of several contractors.
  • Licensing, insurance, experience, checking with the Better Business Bureau, seeing job completions that are like your job, time for completion, are just part of the equation for hiring a contractor.
  • Be sure that the contractor you are planning to hire has at least five years experience under his belt.
  • Make sure the contractor is an expert doing the type of work you need.

  *  The contract should contain clear wording

     that you understand and agree upon 

     and materials to be used, start and

     completion dates and the scope of 



  • Do not neglect to call the people on his reference list and ask if they were satisfied with the job done, if there were any delays and if there was, ask the reason why?


  • Check any subs the contractors hired. How dependable are they? Hire a lawyer if necessary. Make sure the contract is legal. Make sure you are protected by construction law.







                 HALEAKALA SOLAR            

    By Justin Lesniak

Hawaii depends on imported oil for over 90% of its energy needs. With the price of oil skyrocketing Hawaii is actively searching for renewable energy sources. One of the most reliable forms of renewable energy is solar power.

Solar energy can be utilized to heat hot water, swimming pools, and spas. It also can produce electricity directly from the sunlight. The average solar system can save $600-800 per year. Solar power has become so important that the State of Hawaii and the Federal government offer tax credits to those who install a solar energy system. These credits total 65% of the cost of the solar system. In addition the electric utility company offers a $1000 rebate to those who install a solar system. Besides paying for itself in savings a solar system increases the value of your home.

Haleakala Solar was founded by James Whitcomb. The inspiration for starting the company was Whitcomb’s desire to help the environment. “When I was young I thought I could save the world from its oil appetite by using solar energy”.

Haleakala Solar Inc. has been providing solar energy systems since 1977. During the last 29 years Haleakala has installed over 7,000 solar systems. These systems collectively save over $4 million in energy costs and save over 56,000 barrels of oil. Per year! Haleakala provides employment for 21 people on Maui. Haleakala Solar provides installation and service on any type of solar system. The company has a variety of financing plans with no money down.

Haleakala Solar has installed several dozen commercial solar systems including the largest privately funded solar system in the Million Solar Roofs Initiative. To receive more information about solar energy call 808-871-8654.



Aloha from the Maui closet company.  We specialize in Murphy bed, home offices, storage areas, entertainment centers, and of course, closets.  There is always so much wasted space in closets that by some simple additions, you can more than double its use.  With limited space, we can design and incorporate a Murphy bed along with side cabinets for books, hanging, TV’s, or an office area.  Murphy beds need only 16" of depth.  Imagine all the open space your room will have, and still accommodate sleeping.  Also very comfortable to sleep on, and beautiful. Endless finishes and designs to fit your room and your needs.


I have been "in the closet" business for 18 years now and love my job!!  Every client has different needs and various sizes of closets.  It is amazing to see all the possibilities transformed into design with a free consultation. 


Our showroom and factory are located at 310 Hukilike Street, unit M in Kahului.  We build every thing right there on location and have the finest craftsmen in the world.  Everyone takes great pride in their work, and we work as a family to give every client our very best.  We all strive to go beyond the clients expectations, and yes, problems do happen but we are never satisfied until our clients are happy and we are proud of the job.  Everyone at the Maui Closet Company works with a passion for what we do, and that is continuous.  You will feel it the minute you come into the showroom.


We give free design consultations and estimates to everyone.  Whether it is a $100 free slide and tight mesh wire job or an African mahogany furniture quality job with framed glass doors, etc., we take pride in it and give it 110%. Call for a free design consultation or come and visit us at the showroom.  Normal office hours are Monday thru Friday 8-4 but we would be happy to meet with you before or after hours or on Saturday.  Come see what a difference we can make.



808-871-7996 (OFFICE)
808-873-0146 (FAX)
808-264-3763 (CELL)




     By Teresa Tuimaseve



Trying to find the proper architect for your project may seem daunting.  But, YOU will be spending YOUR money to pay for the best representation of the “dream” that is in your mind.  The AIA has a few suggestions that will enable you to select the right architect for your project


        What is the architect’s experience with cost estimating?

        How long should the project take?

        What service does the architect provide?

        As the job progresses, how will fee changes be handled?

        What should you expect the design to entail?

        How will decisions be made?  And how much will your wants and needs be taken into consideration?

        Does the architect have time for your project?  And is he or she really interested in doing it?

        How does the architect establish fees?  How much, and when, will payments be due?  Will payments be tied to milestones in the scope of the project?

        Who will you be working with from the firm you select?  Will the person you are interviewing be the main contact or will someone else handle communications?


And don’t forget to check references.  It is important to check with past clients and ask pertinent, hard questions about what their experience encompassed.  Ask if the architect did what he said he’d do?  Did the design turn out as expected?  Communication is so important. Any suggestions about better communication with the chosen architect are very important.  Due diligence will make this a pleasant and rewarding experience.




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